11.6.2021, 6pm

24 rue Moret, 75011 Paris

octopus notes 10 launch!

On view at Treize:
Martin Laborde,
Cheer up Chicken!

9.11.2019, 7pm
Wendy’s Subway

375 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

octopus notes 9 launch!

…. and especially for the event, Anne Turyn, NY-based artist and editor of Top Stories, a prose periodical (1978–1991, chapbook series including Pati Hill, Constance DeJong, Cookie Mueller, Kathy Acker, Lynne Tillman, Laurie Anderson, Mary Kelly) will present rare magazine issues and ephemera.

+ Silvianna Goldsmith’s filmed interview Lil Picard (Lil Picard, 1981, 16 mm transferred to digital, color, sound, 27’50’’) will be screened.

+ Poems by Pati Hill, Bern Porter, Marion Scemama and Martin Wong and collages by Martin Laborde.

24.10.2015, 6pm
Lafayette Anticipations

9 Rue du Plâtre
75004 Paris

octopus notes 5 launch!

+ presentation of the new edition Paperweight by Martin Laborde, produced by Lafayette Anticipations.