No. 9, June 2019, 272 pp. (colour & b/w ills.), 148.5 × 210 mm, French ⁄ English, ISBN 978-2-9545184-8-0
9.11.2019, 7pm
Wendy’s Subway

375 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

octopus notes 9 launch!

…. and especially for the event, Anne Turyn, NY-based artist and editor of Top Stories, a prose periodical (1978–1991, chapbook series including Pati Hill, Constance DeJong, Cookie Mueller, Kathy Acker, Lynne Tillman, Laurie Anderson, Mary Kelly) will present rare magazine issues and ephemera.

+ Silvianna Goldsmith’s filmed interview Lil Picard (Lil Picard, 1981, 16 mm transferred to digital, color, sound, 27’50’’) will be screened.

+ Poems by Pati Hill, Bern Porter, Marion Scemama and Martin Wong and collages by Martin Laborde.


Rua de Buenos Aires 19, 1200-798 Lisbon

octopus notes 9 is celebrated with…

Slaves Days (1975) by Pati Hill — poems

An Homage to Candy Darling: Your Body (2019) by Greer Lankton and Paul Monroe — video 

Lil Picard (1981) and Lil Picard: Art is a Party (1975) by Silvianna Goldsmith — films 

Greer Lankton & David Wojnarowicz (1985) by Marion Scemama — photographs

A phone Conversation with Andy Warhol, n.d. — sound

18.6.2019, 6pm
After 8 Books

7 Rue Jarry, 75010 Paris

octopus notes 9 launch!
contents, preview

pp. 4–23. support

p. 25. Camille Vivier, 2017

pp. 26–47. Alexandre Estrela and Ana Baliza talk to Justin Jaeckle, Oporto

pp. 65–83. JGL, Set of photographs sent to Bern Porter, c. 2000

pp. 84–89. Mark Melnicove, Cut-Outs & Visual Poems, 2019

pp. 90–119. Zoe Stillpass, Le visible d’une vision sans sujet, l’objet de l’oeil de personne. Wade Guyton, Seth Price & Kelley Walker

pp. 120–123. Douna Lim & Théo Pesso, Painting on Tanks, 2019

pp. 124–137. Paul Monroe, Umbilicoplastic Fantastic: Greer Lankton

pp. 138–159. Merlin James in conversation with Tenzing Barshee, There’s a loneliness often; there can be eroticism too

pp. 160–163. Tomás Cunha Ferreira, Fulfil, 20132019

pp. 164–171. Top Stories, a prose periodical (1978–1991)

pp. 172–175. Erika Vogt, 2019

pp. 176–207. Pati Hill, Dreams Objects Moments

pp. 208–217. Top Stories #3, “3 Stories by Pati Hill”, 1979: Mrs. Starling; The Falcon; The Ballad of Annie Bates

pp. 218–223. Carlo Pittore, 1984–1986

pp. 224–241. Lil Picard unterhält sich mit Hubert Fichte, New York, 1975–1976

pp. 258–267. Martin Wong, Footprints Poems + Leaves, 1968

pp. 5, 8, 22, 117, 258, 270. Théo Robine-Langlois, octopus vibration, 2019



Alice Dusapin
Baptiste Pinteaux
Martin Laborde


Marc Touitou

with & about

Adrian Morris, Alexandre Estrela, Alice Dusapin, Anne Turyn, Bern Porter, Carlo Pittore, Douna Lim, Erika Vogt, Greer Lankton, Hubert Fichte, JGL, Kelley Walker, Lil Picard, Mark Melnicove, Martin Wong, Merlin James, Oporto, Pati Hill, Paul Monroe, Seth Price, Tenzing Barshee, Théo Pesso, Théo Robine-Langlois, Tomas Cunha Ferreira, Top Stories, Wade Guyton, Zoé Stillpass

Cécile Poulot

proofreading (english)

Justin Jaeckle

Chirat, Saint-Just-la-Pendue


Anne Turyn, Anneliis Beadnell, Anthony Huberman, Antonia Carrara, Benjamin Thorel, Clément Pinteaux, Cécilia Becanovic, Dino Dincer Sirin, Florence Bonnefous, Isabelle Alfonsi, Lauren Lessing, Mark Melnicove, Miguel Magalhaes, Nicole Huard, Richard Torchia, Romie, Sarah Bouchard, Sarah Luko, Valérie Laborde, Véronique Yersin

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