Rua de Buenos Aires 19, 1200-798 Lisbon

octopus notes 9 is celebrated with…

Slaves Days (1975) by Pati Hill — poems

An Homage to Candy Darling: Your Body (2019) by Greer Lankton and Paul Monroe — video 

Lil Picard (1981) and Lil Picard: Art is a Party (1975) by Silvianna Goldsmith — films 

Greer Lankton & David Wojnarowicz (1985) by Marion Scemama — photographs

A phone Conversation with Andy Warhol, n.d. — sound

13.10.2018, 2pm
Casa da Cerca – Centro de Arte Contemporanea

Rua da Cerca 2,
2800-050 Almada

octopus notes 8 launch & David Wojnarowicz!

+ Special screening: Last Night I Took a Man directed by Marion Scemama (4 min. 20 sec.), text and performance by David Wojnarowicz.

+ Extract of an interview Sylvère Lotringer conducted with Wojnarowicz from 1991 in David’s loft, filmed by Marion Scemama (16 min. 24 sec.)